Big D Metalworks is a unique single-source for complex, unusual and award winning designs combining fabrication, installation and engineering. The innovative designs built by Big D Metalworks are structurally complex. To ascertain proper life safety requirements and precision in the prediction of product performance, GLO Designs has formed an association with Big D Metalworks.

The management of GLO Designs has accumulated over 28 years of structural engineering experience pertaining to the utilization of leading-edge computer analysis technology in solving these rather “rigorous” structural problems. In addition, speciality testing is developed to determine the structural capacity of custom connections, brackets, esoteric metals, glass and other items used in the construction of the projects.

These uniquely designed projects require sophisticated three-dimensional modeling and analysis techniques to determine stresses, deflections and reactions which must be distributed into the main structure. Monumental stairs may only be attached at floor levels or have treads without any visible risers, all of which require special design considerations. With life safety a primary concern when considering critical live loads, unbalanced loads and connection designs, the utilization of sophisticated computer modeling makes the architect’s dream a reality.

Other custom work is also approached with the same precision as used with monumental stairs. Unique materials, shapes and member sizes are able to be utilized in canopies, railings, guardrails and “decorative” metalwork. As with stairs, safety and performance are considered critical. Snow, live and impact loads in addition to wind and seismic loads are analyzed to assure product reliability. Mounting connections, interfacing with floors, foundations, wall and roof materials are considered during the design to provide the owner and architect a quality engineered product.

Because of their desire to provide unequaled value for their customers and with the public safety foremost in their minds, GLO Designs is proud to be associated with Big D Metalworks. Together, Big D Metalworks and GLO Designs can assure the architect and engineer of record a quality product built with precision.

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