In 2007 Q & D Construction was referred to us by a manufacturer of glass treads. Q & D was having problems locating a stair manufacturer capable of producing a five story elliptical staircase for a private residence on the shores of Lake Tahoe.

In addition to the elliptical design the stair also had glass treads, glass landings, glass rails and an outside stringer hidden inside a finished wall. The stair was located in a glass enclosed area with a panoramic view of Lake Tahoe and the homeowner was very particular on the fit and finish of the stair (No exposed welds).

Big D designed the staircase and modeled in 3D to assist with design review. To eliminate the welds at the Oculus we custom machined the points where the stringers intersected.

One flight of the staircase was manufactured for review by the homeowner and Q & D Construction and the balance of the project was released for fabrication shortly thereafter. The stairs, glass treads, glass guardrails and stainless steel handrails were all installed with less than 40 hours of rework.

Both Q & D Construction and the owner are pleased with the quality of the finished product, the timeliness of delivery and the fact that the project was delivered for less than the Guaranteed Maximum Price.