In the summer of 2000 Big D Metalworks was asked by Plant Construction to review conceptual plans for operable folding gates for 30 plus retail spaces in the Ferry Building in San Francisco, California. Investors were looking to renovate the vacant Ferry Building to take advantage of the daily ferry traffic landing outside the building. To effectively utilize the ground floor space for retail it would be necessary to design, engineer, fabricate and install operable folding security gates that met safety and code requirements. In addition to being architecturally attractive, the gates would need to be easy to operate, low maintenance and when opened could not encroach into the retail tenant space.

Our firm designed and fabricated a prototype incorporating a custom track and roller system, custom stamped and woven lattice work and various standard hardware components.

After review by the investors and the general contractor minor changes in the prototype were made and 30 of these gates were fabricated and installed for a sum under the Guaranteed Maximum Price. These gates continue to function and the Ferry Building is again an attractive landmark in San Francisco.